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Credit Card Giants, Stop Pushing your Brands to Death!

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Canadian consumers and businesses are standing against for their skyrocketing credit card [hidden] fees.
Stop Sticking It to Us! and Retail Council of Canada are standing behind the fight.

In my belief, credit card companies should take actions to retain confidence from both consumers and businesses. Bring back the marketing focus from competitor to customers. Especially during such hard time, it is not wise to squeeze your customers.

While the usage of credit cards are increasing, their brand value are unlikely going toward the same direction. Before there are so many of them out there, having a credit card was a want, it was something that we desire. Then we realized that we need them. Credit card companies made it so. They were everywhere and they became our spending habit. Now, this need is so overwhelming that it is hurting customers.

Before it is too late, credit card giants better recruite our wants for credit cards. Give consumers a better reason to use your cards.


Written by allyho

March 7, 2009 at 2:02 am

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