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Small Business Reborn

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Daniel Patricio, founder of Organge Rhino Media, came to UTSC today. His speech on the company’s effort on small businesses in Toronto was awesome.

Social medias think small. They are not only for small businesses. In fact, they are effective in bringing big corporations down to earth and adding human touch to those brands that we ‘admire’ yet not neccessary ‘know’ anything about. Small businesses in Toronto were forgotten by Canadians for a long while. Consumers went after big brands and spent their limited household budget there. Small businesses are the heart of a city. Without them, we are nothing but followers. Social medias are such a nice partner with small businesses in which they work toward daily interaction that can make people’s days.

The simplicity and devotion in a small business will be gone sooner or later without a significant demand from the cosumer side. The Toronto city follows.

Passionate people like Daniel who works toward originality and local is in need.



Written by allyho

November 25, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Romantic Paris- a Lesson of Imagery Branding

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What is so romantic about Paris?

If being romantic is being relaxed- associated with all those cafes on the street and people sitting there spending an afternoon. In a city wherera income tax is peaked at 40%, Paris people are entitle to romnaticism. But Toronto shouldn’t be that far behind.

If being romantic is subject to climate change, the warm weather is Paris is surely an advantage. But the Republic of Malta with its mild winters and hot summers should initiate no less loving events.

If being romantic is an intrisic state in which we feel being loved by and can not wait to act on loving actions to our beloved ones, then why do we even bother which city, with a meaningless name, we are located. 

Only if being romantic is, as a matter of fact, a perception or an attitude. Then thanks to the heavy social reinforcement, Paris is indeed a romantic place as it is advertised to be. We clearly see a romantic image even simply by hearing the name, “Paris!”, oh my loving god.

Attitude lead to behaviour, as well as vise versa. 

Paris is a romantic city because we have been told that it is. We think that it is. We believe that it is. Our romantic behaviour and fantasy in that lovely city reinforce us that it really is. 

So can Toronto also advertise itself to be a romantic city? Probably NO. When you ask people which is the most romantic city on earth, Parist comes FIRST in mind. It is this position in mind makes Paris unique. There is not much space for another romantic city. Toronto can be diversed, but not romantic.

Nothing can make such an unrealistic concept this concrete but the power of branding.

Written by allyho

March 7, 2009 at 5:30 pm